I've been sculpting horses since I was a child, creating my own horse models because Breyers were out of reach on my weekly allowance. In the early 1980's I began offering these pieces publicly. Because these original sculptures, created in Super Sculpey (a polymer clay) are very fragile, making a mold of each sculpture and then casting them in resin offers a much more durable and long-lasting piece of art. It also allows multiples to be made from a single original. The resins are then handpainted in pastels and acrylics in the client's choice of color and markings. Resin casting for small limited editions of sculptures has become very popular among sculpting artists and in the model horse hobby, largely due to the fact that it is far more affordable than bronze casting. My first resin edition was a Morgan mare, produced in 1994.

Check the list below to see which resins I have currently available, and the prices. A few of my sculptures were commissioned pieces in mini scale created for Tom Bainbridge.

I do occasionally take a sculpture commission. A mini scale sculpture- approximately 3" tall- runs about $750 depending upon pose and complexity. Larger pieces are also available. If you have a special horse you'd like to see immortalized in sculpture, just email me!

Currently available resincast horses sculpted by Laura Hornick Behning
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I am not very productive these days due to real horse obligations and health issues, so it's a bit hard to believe but my most recent full body sculpture is this classic scale lying foal, sculpted way back in 2014. She is intended as a Morgan, but could work as many other breeds as well. Unpainted resins (cast by MVS) are still available. $95 ppd. in the US. Email me to order. Tom Bainbridge did a very small production run of these in ceramic as a Breyerfest 2017 Special (below left). Mindy Berg painted the lovely Appaloosa (below right).

Sold Out and customized resins sculpted by Laura Hornick Behning

I am not very productive in the studio any more, but NaMoPaiMo always gives me a much-needed push to get SOMETHING painted. Thank you Jennifer Buxton Bray for hosting this event each year! My 2022 NaMoPaiMo project was customized from my mini scale 2012 "Agizon" resin. It had been sitting around partially customized- as a portrait of my Morgan mare Avondale Sweet Rosie- for many years. I don't think I've ever done a dappled black horse; generally hobbyists prefer something flashier than a "plain" black. But since this is a keeper piece, it didn't matter. The foal accompanying her was customized from my "Roadie" foal resin back in 2013, in memory of Rosie's last foal, a colt she lost at nine months gestation due to placentitis. I had never photographed him before, wanting to finish his mother first.

My 2021 NaMoPaiMo model was a complete CM of my 2004 mini scale resin "Lovey". She's been transformed into this typy Arabian mare- the head a a complete re-sculpt of the original- and was painted using pastels and acrylic to a bay with W15 markings and haired mane and tail. I made the tiny native halter as well. Now owned by Kate Cabot.

The Champion and Reserve awards for the 2019 Southern Model Horse Convention were resin copies of my relief sculpture of Charli as a foal. The extra copies sold out immediately and have proven to be one of my most popular pieces to date. This example was painted to a leopard Appaloosa by the talented Katherine Bone.
My 2020 NaMoPaiMo model was this portrait model of my smoky black silver Morgan mare, Positively Charmed, created from an old (2002) resin copy of my sculpture of her grandsire, Adiel's Casino Gold (which can be seen later on this page in its original form). The customizing was actually done in November 2019 as part of a customizing event, with the paint finish work (pastel and acrylic) done in February 2020.
The 2018 SouthCon awards medallion, cast by Mountain View Studios, is a portrait of my late Morgan gelding Patented. I'm looking forward to getting one of these painted up to look like Pat in all my abundant spare time- ha!

In the spring of 2018 I was commissioned by the Morgan Horse Association of Oregon to create a very special piece. The club wanted to create a perpetual trophy in honor of their late member, Nancy Falk, who bred colorful Morgans long before they became popular. The award would go to the High Point colorful at the club's annual show. The sculpture is a portrait of Nancy's beloved palomino mare, Cascade Cadence. This is a larger piece, about 6" across.(First photo is the perpetual trophy- blank spaces will be filled with plaques with each winners names over the years. Second photo is of one of the smaller plaques each winner gets, to keep.)
The medallion for the champions at the 30th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention was this little piece sculpted from a photo of Charli as a foal. 22 were cast by MVS Studios in a bronze finish and I made them into necklaces that were given to each of the show entrants. 60 pieces were cast in white resin for the show's champions and reserves; 3 are currently available painted in your choice of color. They are priced at $100 each ppd. To order, email me. Sculpted June 2017.


The medallion for the 28th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention, held in October 2015, was created in memory of my Morgan mare, Precision Made, who we had lost in January. 42 of them were given to the Champions and Reserves at the show; 12 more were created in ceramic by Joanie Berkwitz (left and middle, in autumn colors of red and gold) and were awarded to the Custom Glaze Champions and Reserves.

A photo of my 2006 bay silver colt Unconventional was the inspiration for the medallion sculpted for the awards at the 29th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention (October 2016). 54 of them were given to the Champions and Reserves at the show and a few extras were produced as well. The chestnut is owned by Jeanne Farnsley; buckskin is owned by Dana Flaherty; bay owned by Cindy Lundgren.

  "Agizon", commissioned from me by Tom Bainbridge. He is a large SM/mini scale Morgan stallion, a little over 3" to the eartips. The chestnut Agizon is owned by Marilyn Esteb. The buckskin is owned by Cindy Dilks, painted March 2014. Sculpture was created winter 2011-12. Tom Bainbridge produced a very limited number of these in fine bone china, in unique colors.

This relief medallion of a lying Morgan foal was sculpted in July 2014 for the 27th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention. 42 of them were given to the Champions and Reserves at the show; 12 more were created in ceramic by Joanie Berkwitz (thank you so much, Joanie!) and were awarded to the Custom Glaze Champions and Reserves at the show.

This medallion of a Morgan stallion was sculpted in August 2013 for the 26th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention, held on October 5, 2013. 46 of them were given to the Champions and Reserves at the show.

This relief sculpture of a Morgan mare and foal, approximately 4" square, was created for the 25th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention (2012). 46 were given to the Champions and Reserves from the show. The one on the left is painted in pastel and acrylics to a brown silver mare and bay silver foal, after a photo of Foxton Frosty Dawn and her 2006 colt Unconventional. On the right is this piece painted in pastel and acrylic to a buckskin mare and perlino foal, for Janine Welsh, as her High Stepping Buttercup and HMSTD Rum Runner. Sculpted in August 2012.

Created in 2008 and released in 2009, "Brandysnap" is a feminine little Welsh Section A mare.

The bay Brandysnap is owned by Kate Cabot. The sooty brown buckskin is owned by Lee Ann Hunsinger. The sooty palomino is owned by Lauren Islip.

"Colwynn" is a Welsh Section A stallion, mini/SM scale (approx. 3" to eartips). Pony personality plus, this little guy packs a big 'tude! The bay roan example above (complete with the subtle reverse dappling often seen on roans) is owned by Stacy Adolf-Whipp. The brown buckskin (with leg feathering removed and minor facial changes) is a portrait of the Morgan stallion Robbi Sue's Casanova and is owned by Barbara Hewitt. The bay is owned by Amy Widman and the dapple gray is owned by Jeannine Bergeron. Produced in 2008. Tom Bainbridge produced a very limited number of these in fine bone china, in unique colors.  

"Cardiff" is a Stablemate/mini scale Welsh Cob stallion This proud, handsome, curvy fella has definite charisma! The brown-based sooty buckskin is owned by Susan Ellis; bay is owned by Lauren Islip.  Sculpted in 2007. Tom Bainbridge produced a very limited number of these in fine bone china, in unique colors.

"Faliant", mini/SM scale Morgan gelding. The bay dun Faliant is owned by Stacy Whipp, the bay silver is owned by Allison Malone, and the gray is Kate Cabot's. Fall 2006 release.

"Rose Annette", mini/stablemate scale Morgan mare, sculpted in 2004. A feminine little mare, standing quietly, as if listening for her rider's next command. The brown silver Rose is owned by Stacy Whipp; the bay Rose (with minimal sabino markings including a skewed, roany blaze) is owned by Lisa Allenbach, painted as a portrait of her mare, Ginger Rogers Masquerade; the buckskin silver Rose is owned by Jeni Lambert; and the liver chestnut Rose is owned by Jody Hollenbeck (painted as a portrait of her real Morgan mare, Liza). Edition of 175 pieces.

"Alistair", an old type Morgan stallion in mini scale. The buckskin is owned by Jackie Wyandt (a portrait of her Morgan gelding, CJ Sparkling Gem); the perlino dun is owned by Ryder Kair; the brown silver is owned by Kate Cabot; and the sooty buckskin is owned by Stacy Whipp. Alistair was a 2005 release.  
Agizon resin CMed with a deeper shoulder and leg refinement, pastelled to a bay splash. Created for the 2014 SouthCon benefit auction.
Jeanne Farnsley donated one of my unpainted mini scale "Lovey" resins to the 25th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction. Janine Welsh won the piece. I customized her to be more refined than the original, with a completely new resculpted head and cleaned up legs. She is now a pretty golden dunskin. I could not get the camera to pick up her subtle shading, which is actually darker on her topline and almost white on the belly. Completed in June 2013.

Inspired by a friend's roan QH mare, I customized one of my old Arabian resins, adding more hip, a different neck, and the head from my mini scale Blame it on Elaine stock horse resin. A different mane and tail and an original sculpture base complete the customizing. Created in September 2011 for the 2011 Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction. Owned by Johanna McClanahan.

One of my favorite customized resins ever is this customized "Faliant" Morgan in flaxen chestnut. Created for the 2009 Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction. He has had extensive refining of the legs and hooves, head turned, forelock and mane resculpted, minor resculpting to the tail. A one of a kind piece, painted a golden flaxen chestnut with pangare and lots of dappling. Super typy and he sure won't be missed in a Morgan breed class!

Created for the 20th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction, this very typy guy is my "Cardiff" Welsh Cob mini resin customized into a bay silver Morgan stallion. From his tiny pricked ears to his full flowing silver tail, he is all Morgan! I straightened his neck slightly, removed his feathering, and added a completely new mane. His bay silver coloring includes chocolate tips on his ears and silver hair on the back of his fetlocks. He is strikingly dappled as well. Inspired by our 2006 bay silver colt "Unconventional". Created in September 2007. Owned by Tom Bainbridge.

Originally my Arab mare resin, this little guy was completely customized to a Thoroughbred stallion-different head and neck, new mane and tail, stallion anatomy, and painted a detailed dapple buckskin with a dorsal stripe. Owned by Kate Cabot.

"*Glenormiston Flurry Knox", gray Connemara stallion, classic scale. This beautiful Connemara stallion was inspired by the real "Flurry" owned by Wildwych Connemaras in CO. He has all of the curviness I love in a horse, with an extra, impish "pony appeal". A trip to the farm's website, full of stupendously beautiful photographs of round, gorgeous ponies in natural surroundings, is highly recommended. This sculpture of Flurry is my "Casino" resin, drastically resculpted with the neck raised and resculpted, as well as a resculpted hindquarter, face, mane and tail. Owned by Amber Powell.
What a wonderful project this piece was! He is another resculpted Casino resin, classic scale, painted chestnut frame overo as a portrait of the infamous frame overo Morgan stallion, War Paint. The pictures I used to copy the real War Paint's pattern from are inset in the pictures of the model above, and are courtesy of Mr. Lowell Rott. Owned by Linda Wright.

This piece is my "Lovey" resin that has been completely resculpted/reworked to a standing stretched silver dapple Morgan stallion. Mini/SM scale. Created for the 2004 Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction, this unique guy is now owned by Debbie Farrell.

"Lovey" was inspired by the brown dun Morgan mare, Amberfield's Dun Lovin', who I owned at the time. Mini/Stablemate scale. Lovey was the award model for the 2004 Southern Model Horse Convention; 30 pieces were awarded there, and the few remaining are sold out. The grulla piece pictured is owned by Marilyn Esteb.

"Adiel's Casino Gold", Morgan stallion, inspired by the wonderful palomino stallion we had on lease the winter of 2001-02 from Meadowlark Morgans in CO. You can see pictures of him here. Small classic scale (1/12th), very much a western working type Morgan. The palomino piece, owned by Casino's owner Linnea Sidi, won a very large and competitive Artist's Resin Morgans class and was named "Best Morgan" at The Palmetto State Live Show in April 2002. The liver chestnut going grey is owned by Kate Cabot. Only ten pieces were produced.

"Roadie", a stablemate/mini scale Morgan colt, was inspired by our 2002 Casino son "Roadie" (registered name Gone Gold) who was born a dusty chestnut color, but shed out palomino! This adorable little guy filled a real need in the hobby, because there are few mini scale FOALS. "Roadie" depicts a foal at the one month to 6 week old stage. He was the award model for the 2003 Southern Model Horse Convention (SouthCon) with 30 pieces of the 50 piece run given to the champions and reserves of the show. The remaining 20 pieces sold out in 24 hours- making him my most popular sculpture ever!  

"BR Joshua Jubilee", a Lambert Morgan stallion, is a customized "Casino" resin. He has a different mane and forelock and also a different tail from the original castings. At his first show, the hotly competitive GEM Live in September 2002, he NAN qualified in performance and garnered much positive commentary from judge Ed Gonzales on his wonderfully expressive face. Joshua is meant to depict the Lambert/Jubilee King influence both in his body type and his coloring, a brilliant golden flaxen chestnut with subtle dappling. He is now owned by Erika Peterson.

I had so much fun customizing my "Blame It On Elaine" mini QH resin into "Hollywood Latte" (see her picture below) that I wanted to do another CM on this mold. "Hollywood Hannah" is a beautiful dark dappled palomino with an incredibly detailed face. She is owned by Jen Al-Beik.

"Hollywood Latte" is a customized "Blame It On Elaine" resin. I refined her head and put it on the vertical, did some minor changes to the hindquarters to make them less bulky, and picked up her raised front leg a little. She is sooty dappled buckskin with metallic undertones- probably my most favorite dark buckskin that I've ever painted. Now owned by Becky Hawkins.

"Frolic" is another "Casino-inspired" piece, sculpted from a photo I took of Casino running with one of my mares. SM scale, cast with a steel rod in the supporting leg. A sculpted base was included. Frolic was the award model for the 2002 Southern Model Horse Convention- 30 were given away to the show's champions and reserves. The remaining 20 pieces are sold out. The palomino Frolic, painted to look like Casino, is owned by Debbie Farrell. The bay is owned by Diana Thiele. The flaxen chestnut Frolic pictured is owned by Kim Rother. To see "Frolic" in progress, go here.  

Arabian mare, mini/stablemate scale, in a hand gallop. To be honest, this is my least favorite sculpture- the head is disproportionately large and the back is too short. She came with a base. I don't think very many were produced. I've played around with resculpting some of them, trying to fix the flaws in the sculpture, and have a few more left here that I will totally overhaul in the future into something more correct (hopefully)! Sculpted in 2002.

"Blame it on Elaine", a cantering Quarter Horse mare in mini/SM scale, was named in honor of Elaine Sulser, who was doing my resin casting at the time. Produced in 2002.  
My Western Morgan mare, mini/SM scale, is a typey little gal who was the award model for the 2001 Southern Model Horse Convention. She was a limited edition of 57, with 30 of those given away to the champions and reserves at SouthCon.

The ceramic version (below, in buckskin) is a one of a kind cast from the resin, which was slightly resculpted to make it more "china friendly" with a new tail. Marge Para did the ceramic piece and it was one of her first ventures into mold making on something this small (about 2 1/2" to ears). My ultimate goal is to see more of my sculptures in ceramic someday! Collection of the artist.

This piece is actually two of my classic scale resins combined- the left half of my "Mira" Arabian resin (see below) and the right half of the April Meridian resin! There is some additional resculpting as well, including a new mane and forelock and slight tweaking to the legs. Painted a soft flaxen chestnut with lots of dappling (not really seen in this photo). He is a portrait model of "By Starlight", a real Morgan gelding I bred who is now owned by Jill Missler of Maysville, Georgia. This sculpture was pictured in the October 2001 THE MORGAN HORSE magazine article on model horses. One of my all-time favorite customs of my sculptures.

"April Meridian" is a classic scale (1/12th) Morgan sport horse mare sculpted as a portrait of a Morgan mare I bred who is now owned by CeAnn Shipley in Boyds, MD. There were just seven of this resin produced.

"Brendan", a SM/mini scale Morgan stallion, was created to be given to each of the 30 champions and reserves at the 2000 Southern Model Horse Convention. Ten of the 50 pieces to be produced were offered online in late December 1999 and were snapped up overnight, and another ten that were announced after a conversation with Randy Buckler (the caster for this piece) confirmed that he should be able to get ten more pieces out of Brendan's mold also sold out overnight. The very last available Brendan was given away in a drawing at Breyerfest 2000 and was won by Samantha Cato.  

"Mira" is a feminine Arabian mare. She is classic scale. Only five pieces were cast. Produced fall 2000.

"Willy Remember Me", a traditional scale (1/9th) Morgan mare, was a portrait of my real Morgan mare "Mimi". She was cast by Randy Buckler of Resins by Randy, known for his superb quality castings. She was limited to a one-mold run (30 copies). The original (shown here) is called BR MORNING SONG and she was the 1999 NAN Reserve Champion CM Light Breeds Western Pleasure. I also sculpted and dressed the rider. This sculpture was pictured in the October 2001 THE MORGAN HORSE magazine article on model horses.  

"Champagne Romance" is a 1999 complete resculpt of my small traditional scale 1995 Tennessee Walker mare resin. He is painted a amber champagne, and all the champagne characteristics are here from the mottled dusky skin to the faint metallic gold sheen in his coat. He was the 1999 NAN National Champion CM Saddleseat/Park. I also sculpted and dressed the rider. Last known owner was Laura Von Hagel. This is one of my most favorite sculptures ever.

"Freedom", a park trotting Morgan stallion, won a very competitive CM/resin Morgans class at the 1998 Breyerfestival Show under judge Lesli Kathman. He is classic scale (1/12th); each resin came with a wood base. There were only seven pieces produced.

Morgan reiner- The original sculpture of this piece (shown here- she's a smutty dark dappled buckskin) won a very competitive Other Western class at Sunshine State in February 1998 under judge Linda York. There were 10 resin copies produced; she is approximately large LB scale.

Chris Nandell painted this wonderful bay tobiano on one of the Morgan reiner resins. Amber Boardman is the owner. Thanks Amber for letting me know about this model, and to Chris for letting me use these photos!

"Morgan colt"- This was a portrait of of our 1996 colt, BY STARLIGHT, cast in a limited edition of just ten pieces. 1999 NAN Top Ten Light Breed Foals.

"British Shetland pony mare"- This 3 inch tall at the eartips pony mare was produced in 1997 and was limited to 10 copies.

"Mindspring"- This 1996 sculpture of an old type Morgan stallion was small traditional scale (1/10th), approximately 9" to the eartips. He was limited to 10 copies. He is based on the sire of our 1996 foals, Turfwood Royal Flush, but is not an exact portrait.  

"April Meridian"-A 1996 sculpture, this leggy filly was inspired by our 1996 filly, April Meridian, at 5 days of age. 1999 NAN Top Ten Light Breed Foals. Ten copies were produced.

"Morgan Mare"- This was the first sculpture I had cast and produced in resin. She was sculpted in 1994. I am not sure how many were produced, but probably around 30. She was a small traditional (1/10th) scale.

To see some of my earlier work, visit the Model Horse Gallery.

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