I have been designing ads for almost 30 years now, first for my own equine sculpture work and then for others as well. I worked at a newspaper 1979-1980 doing camera work, proofreading and yup- ad design! Paste up really was paste up then, with hard copy waxed onto a layout sheet, which went to the darkroom to make big negatives, which then went to press. A much more involved process than it is now, where everything is done on the computer! I edited the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association newsletter from 1996 until 2016, which gave me a lot of practice in advancing my design skills using PhotoShop. I am proud that the RMHA newsletter was the American Morgan Horse Association's Newsletter of the Year three times during my tenure as editor, and was in the top three on many other occasions.

Ad design is priced at $25/hour. Most one page ads will run about $60-$150, with the higher end being for ads involving extensive masking and layering. I need to know the exact dimensions of the ad (in inches or pixels) and what publication it is for. If you don't know the dimensions, give me the contact info for the publication. I am happy to talk with you about your advertising needs- just email me!

A word about photo selection for ads: I will tell you if I think the photos you wish to use do not show your horse off to its best advantage, or if they simply will not work in the ad (often because they are too small, or out of focus) and why. I will also offer suggestions to help you take better photos. I have your best interest at heart and want to help you present your horses and breeding program in their best light. Ideally, you give me a selection of pictures to choose from, and I can pick the one(s) that will work best in the ad, both from a design standpoint and as far as being the most flattering of the horse. This is, of course, done with your consultation and approval.

A lot can be done to clean up backgrounds, remove fence posts or trees "growing" out of the horse's topline, etc. but please groom your horse before taking pictures and do your best to keep the background clean and uncluttered, preferably grass with a lot of blue sky behind the horse. I can fix a lot of background things, but it is very time consuming to do it right so it does not look "fake" or obviously cloned. I will NOT correct conformation faults or alter the horse's conformation in any way, so please don't ask me to do that. Fixing a swishing tail or putting a laid back ear forward is ok.

I always send a proof for your approval and/or revision.

Examples of Ads Designed by Laura Behning
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