Here is my mini Morgan sculpture "Frolic" in progress. I didn't do scans of him at every step, but you can get an idea. The scans are actual size.
Here is the armature- which is wire with a roughed out body shape (I work in in Super Sculpey, an oven-bakeable synthetic clay) on it- with the completed head. I do the entire head at once so as not to end up with distortions, although I work on the body and legs one side at a time, in stages. As I complete each part, I bake the piece so as not to destroy what I've finished when I work on the next part.

The left side neck and torso are completed first, then baked. Then the left side legs are done and baked. You can add onto Sculpey pretty easily, and also dremel it if you need to make corrections once it's baked.

And here is the right side torso, and right side legs. At this point I sand the piece, fill in any divots, then sculpt the mane and tail in epoxy, which holds up better for fragile wispy pieces of mane and tail.

Here is the completed piece, primed and ready for casting.
The other side.

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