A great website is, without a doubt, the best marketing method available today. They are economical, up to date, and can be viewed by an unlimited number of people world-wide, unlike magazine advertising which can be expensive and reaches a limited (though usually targeted) audience. The best websites have a clean design, are easy to navigate, load quickly and present the horses in their very best light. Conversely, a bad website can actually UN sell your product.

Websites are priced at $600 for design of up to 6 pages. Most farms do not need more pages than this (typically the home page, stallions, mares, geldings, for sale and links) but if you would like more, they are priced at $100 per additional page. If you have more than 12 horses that need to be on the site, there is a $10 per additional horse extra charge to help offset the extra time spent editing photos and inputting data.

$300 is due as a down payment when I begin work on the site, and the balance is due when the site is completed, which usually takes about two weeks, depending on the size of the site, how quickly I receive your material, and my existing workload. What this price includes:

1. unique, beautiful custom graphics, created especially for your farm's site. Nothing is clip art or template!

2. knowledgeable photo selection of only the best/most flattering shots, and photo editing to include cropping, resizing, and removal of distracting background objects

3. maintenance on the site for one year (2 hours worth of work per month limit; each additional hour priced at $25/hour). Maintenance after the first year is $200/year (2 hours worth of work per month limit; each additional hour priced at $25/hour).

4. prompting for updates. Ideally, your site should be updated once a month at a minimum to keep people interested and coming back to see what's new. Remember, you have 2 hours worth of free updates per month, so use that!

I prefer that each client set up their domain name and website space themselves, so that it can be billed directly to their account and the domain name automatically renewed when that is due. I will help walk you through the process (it really is not all that hard). Or, you may already have a domain name and web space set up, and in that case I can just take over the design and maintenance of your existing website.

Website design is one artistic "medium" I find most enjoyable. I hope to create something beautiful for you soon!

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