Brookridge Morgans began as a childhood dream of mine. Like many young girls, I collected model horses; one of my first was the Breyer black Morgan, which my grandmother gave me. Involvement in the model horse hobby eventually led to the real thing- first with a friend's Morgans, and later with the purchase of my Morgan mare Reminiscing in 1984.

The Brookridge ideal is the Morgan of classic "old type". This curvy, full-bodied, pretty headed, unmistakably Morgan horse is reflected in my artwork and equine sculpture. I appreciate the older Morgan bloodlines of all families. My training philosophy uses positive reinforcement, which results in horses with incredibly willing and cheerful attitudes. The Brookridge Morgans live outside, as nature intended,  barefoot and in the company of the herd. 

I am deeply involved with colorful Morgans and enjoy researching and writing about bloodlines related to the various colors present in our breed. My articles have appeared in The Morgan Horse magazine, Simply Morgan, Classic Morgan Admirers, the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association Newsletter, Just About Horses, and many other equine publications over the years. Many of my articles for The Morgan Horse magazine can be found here (scroll down to the bottom). I maintain two educational websites about color in the Morgan breed: Morgan Colors and the Silver Dapple Morgans Project. I've enjoyed editing the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association newsletter since 1996, and have also served as editor of the Georgia Morgan Horse Club newsletter. My other passion is creating eye-catching equine advertising and website design.

My husband Jim built much of our farm himself, including our lovely barn. Our extended family includes the new owners of horses we've owned and/or bred, as well as our canine companions Jackson, Nellie, and Sophie.

Sit back and relax as you explore our website. I love to take pictures, so there is a lot to look through. Even better, come see our Morgans in person. We welcome your visit, and so will the horses. Give us a call or email today! -Laura Behning


This picture of our beautiful smoky black silver mare, Positively Charmed, made the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association's 2015 calendar! The top 12 photos won their spot in the calendar by member vote. We are very honored! The calendars are beautiful, and there are still a few available. They make great Christmas gifts! For details, go to the Rainbow website.

October 4, 2014- Our annual fall event, the Southern Model Horse Convention, has been held here for 27 years. SouthCon was designed as a way to promote Morgans to model horse hobbyists. We always have a Morgan available for rides. For the past 20 years this was my gelding Patented. Unfortunately Pat came down with EPM this year. Rosie became our new "pony ride" horse and she certainly rose to the occasion, carrying everyone, beginner to experienced, safely. Here she is being groomed by some of the show attendees prior to being ridden.

Dedre Rogers had not ridden in years due to a due to pain from a ruptured disc in her back. Still, she wanted to ride. Rosie was very careful, and walked like she was on eggshells.

July 21, 2014- My friend Lesli Kathman's brand new book, THE EQUINE TAPESTRY, arrived today. It is a beautiful book about color in horses, chock full of easy to understand text, photos and diagrams. Lesli included a personal note to me on the title page. I am honored and humbled, Lesli. THANK YOU.

Five Morgans that I bred or own are pictured in the book, including Avondale Sweet Rosie (dappled black, pg. 9), By Starlight (very pale flaxen chestnut, pg. 19), Gone Gold (palomino, aka "Roadie", pg. 27), Kennebec Topaz (buckskin, pg. 27), and Positively Charmed ("Charli", smoky black silver, pg. 44). A photo I took of Kathleen Fisher's splash mare, Journey's Made to Order, is also included. So, Morgans are very well represented in this book! (I am fortunate to have owned and bred so many interestingly colored Morgans!)

You can order your copy of THE EQUINE TAPESTRY on Amazon.com here.

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Learn more about the very rare silver dapple gene at the Silver Dapple Morgans Project.

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