(Positively's Pride x Positively Charmed )
2023 palomino colt (carrying silver and W20) ee aa N/Cr N//Z N/w20

Pictured at 2.5 months old, August 2023

Charli had some difficulty getting in foal in 2022. Turns out she had a uterine infection. We got it cleared up and gave oxytocin after her last cover, and presto! A pregnancy! I was over the moon! Two months later when I went to let Charli out of her drylot, she staggered out to the grass. An emergency call to our vet and the thought was possible EPM. Having gone through EPM with my gelding Pat- who never recovered enough function to be rideable afterwards- it was a heartbreaking thought that Charli might suffer the same fate. Added to that was the worry about the unborn foal she was carrying. We treated Charli with IV DMSO and then banamine for a few days; she got steadily back to normal. The EPM test came back very low and our vet's recommendation was not to treat since it was so low and because she was pregnant. In retrospect we believe Charli might have fallen and injured a nerve in her left shoulder, since the pain and ataxia favored that leg.

With her previous foals Charli only started to bag up four or five days before she foaled, so when I noted udder development in late May 2023 I started keeping her in the barn on camera at night. That turned out to be premature; I spent 3 and a half weeks sleeping only 2 hours at a time because I was so afraid I'd miss the birth! Finally on June 13- one day before her birthday- Charli seemed restless enough that I knew I'd be up all night. Sure enough at just before 4 AM, out came this little palomino colt. Initially I commented to Jim that I thought he might be the ugliest baby we'd ever had, but within a few days he grew into his too-large head and is now quite the pretty boy! The vet complimented him on his nice straight legs when she came to do his well baby check, which he was a champ for. Charli on the other hand did not follow her previous calm mother behavior and wanted no one to do anything with her or the baby; we had to sedate her so the vet could examine the colt. Within a few days she had given up on her over protectiveness and reverted back to her usual laid back self. Stony wore her out with all his activity and I think she just got tired of chasing him around!

Stony is friendly, sociable with both horses and people, smart and just a little bit sassy. He is very brave and independent- from the beginning he had no problem venturing far from Mom in the pasture! He enjoys being scratched, brushed, hosed off on a hot day, picks up all four feet and is learning Leading 101. If you are wondering about Stony's registered name, a charmstone is like a talisman or amulet. This follows the magical theme for Charli's foals since I never thought we'd get Charli in foal and to now have had three babies from her I feel very lucky indeed!

Stony's pedigree combines the best of Kennebec, old New England, old midwestern (Sweet's), Foxton, Chingadero and other great old breeding. He is the only intact male representative of the Foxton Smoky Dawn branch of silvers in the lower 48 (there are two cousins, sired by his dam's full brother Unconventional, in Alaska and England). Stony is available; email me if you are interested. We are asking $7000 which could be flexible to an established breeder who would let us retain a few future breedings.

Positively's Pride



Buddington Lovely

Early M Dawn

WVM Phoenix

Brigadoon's Cameo

Positively Charmed

Gone Gold

Adiel's Casino Gold

Kennebec Topaz

Foxton Frosty Dawn

Foxton Society Beau

Foxton Smokey Dawn

Stonys' complete pedigree can be found here.
It includes pictures of many of his ancestors as well.

More photos of Stony
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Early morning, 6/13/23- newborn Stony, on his feet for the first time.

Stony on his first day of life, 6/13/23.

6/16/23- Rain kept Charli and Stony inside on his second day, but on the third day he went into a slightly larger paddock and had a blast running circles around our pecan tree. Charli initially followed him but by the end of the day she was relaxing her vigilance a bit.

6/18/23- Stony is 5 days old. He went into our largest pasture and ran many laps of the field, not caring one whit where his mama was. Charli has given up following him on his adventures. The head on shot is the view you mostly get of Stony- he's coming to see you!

6/18/23- Our friends Lamar and Mary Grace Mauney came to visit to see the foals.

June 24, 2023- Stony is 11 days old. He is very independent. I get lots of pictures of Stony running. He cares not at all where Charli is, and she is not a helicopter Mom. We look out from the house and often see Charli but no Stony in sight. You'll finally see him off in the woods or under his favorite cedar, all by himself. Brave lil dude!

June 28, 2023- Stony is two weeks and one day old. He is filling out beautifully and is now enjoying turnout all night instead of during the day as our weather- which until now was unseasonably cool- has finally turned to scorching.

June 30, 2023- Stony is very curious about the other horses on the farm and talks to them whenever he sees them. Here he is tonight with his great grandmother Kennebec Topaz, who is 31 this year.

July 4, 2013- My view as I started trimming Charli's feet this afternoon. I got most of one foot done before Stony was up and in my business. Waited til he laid back down again to finish. Stony is 3 weeks old today!

July 10, 2023- Stony was four weeks old yesterday. He is one of the most people loving, friendly foals we have ever had. It's hard to get him off me for pictures- he wants to come and get some lovin' whenever anyone is around.

July 14, 2023- A very hot day and a very sweaty Stony. He is officially a month old as of yesterday.

July 16, 2023- Today was Stony's first time wearing the halter. I'd been putting it over his nose, and off, and on. Then flipping the poll strap over but not fastening it. Today I just did it. And he was nonplussed. A bit puzzled over the feel of it, but no bronco billy action. I did have a bit of panic when he decided to scratch his ear with a hind foot though! I like this method much better than fighting with them to get the halter on. So now Stony, like Louis, will wear the halter while I work with him each day (I don't like to leave halters on foals all the time, too much risk of them getting hung up).

July 17, 2023- The mood this afternoon. I woke him up (that was not easy!) and he went right back to sleep :-)

Obviously I was having way too much fun with Stony today! To be honest he's a bit too much distraction from things I should be doing, but as he may well be my last ever foal, I'm trying to make time to enjoy him. He likes hanging out in the cedar trees- it's cooler in there and he can scratch himself on the low hanging branches. If we can't find Stony when we look out in the pasture, undoubtedly he's tucked up under his favorite cedar tree. I jokingly call it his play house, so today I decided we needed an official sign for his secret hang out spot. Included is a random cantering around pic that turned out better than expected.

July 26, 2023- Stony is six weeks old!

July 27, 2023- Somebody wants out of the stall!

July 29, 2023- Today we had a wonderful visit from longtime friends Rhonda Evans and her daughter Cassidy Sutherland. Cassidy was one of my riding students and boarded her Morgan gelding Alamogordo with us many years ago when we ran a public boarding/training/lesson barn (1986-1997) in Lithonia GA. We've stayed in touch and have visited over the years, even though they no longer live in the Atlanta area. Cassidy is married, has an 8-year-old son, and moved to Nashville TN (thus I lost my best barn sitter!) and Rhonda and her husband Mark moved to the mountains of North Carolina. It was horribly hot so I didn't take many pictures but I did get a couple cute ones with the two Morgan colts.

August 13, 2023- Today we had a wonderful visit from Kristi Peterson Hoffman and her boys Derek and Daniel from the Philly area. Kristi and I had never met but we know each other from the online game Howrse (International server). Her Mom lives in Florida now and they visit her each summer, so they stopped by on the way home. We are hoping to make this an annual visit! Here is Stony with Derek.

August 22, 2023- Stony got his first horse friend, our 29 year old Rosie. She very quickly told him no funny business would be allowed and he was very respectful of that. He adores her! The second picture was taken when he had followed her back into the woods.

August 20, 2023- Since Callie, Louis' mother, left to go home- meaning no potential fence fighting between Charli and Callie- I was able to move Stony and Charli in a field next to Louis and his babysitter Kyrie. Stony was fascinated by Louis. Louis was not as excited as Stony, much to Stony's dismay. He stood at the fenceline just talking to Louis, who after their initial meeting, went back to continue eating his hay. Poor Stony!

Stony trying his best to call Louis back to talk to him.

Got a little bit animated!

August 28, 2023- I thought they were listening to the neighbor kids. It wasn't until I went to resize these pictures that I saw what they were looking at. Check the base of the fencepost right in front of Stony's chest in the fifth picture and look towards the woods. Do you see her? In the last picture, Just behind Charli's left hock, in the fenceline? That blur is Alice, a fawn the neighbor kids have raised this summer. Her Mom was killed by a car and their Dad brought the fawn home for them to care for. She is the sweetest thing! When I am checking fencelines in the evening she will come up from the woods and let me pet her.

August 28, 2023- The happy little herd. Stony spends most of his time with Rosie.

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