Brookridge Morgans began as a childhood dream of mine. Like many young girls, I collected model horses; one of my first was the Breyer black Morgan, a gift from my grandmother. Involvement in the model horse hobby eventually led to the real thing- first with a friend's Morgans, and later with the purchase of the Morgan mare Reminiscing in 1984.

The Brookridge ideal is the Morgan of classic "old type". This curvy, full-bodied, pretty headed, unmistakably Morgan horse is reflected in my artwork and equine sculpture and, hopefully, in the Morgans that I breed. I appreciate the older Morgan bloodlines of all families. My training philosophy uses positive reinforcement, which results in horses with incredibly willing and cheerful attitudes. The Brookridge Morgans live the majority of their time outside, as nature intended, barefoot and in the company of the herd. 

I am deeply involved with colorful Morgans and enjoy researching and writing about breeding programs and bloodlines related to the various colors present in our breed. My articles currently appear in our breed journal, The Morgan Horse magazine. Older articles appeared in Simply Morgan, Classic Morgan Admirers, the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association Newsletter, Just About Horses, and many other equine publications over the years. Many of my articles for The Morgan Horse magazine can be found here.

I maintain two educational websites about color in the Morgan breed: Morgan Colors and the Silver Dapple Morgans Project. I edited the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association newsletter from 1996-2016, and also served as editor of the Georgia Morgan Horse Club newsletter. My other passion is creating eye-catching equine advertising and website design.

My husband Jim built much of our farm himself, including our lovely barn. Our extended family includes the new owners of horses we've owned and/or bred, and our canine companions Nellie and Sophie.

Sit back and relax as you explore our website. I love to take pictures, so there is a lot to look through. Even better, come see our Morgans in person. We welcome your visit, and so will the horses. Give us a call or email today! -Laura Behning


March 2022- Thunderous (KS Bluestem The Old Guard x Coral Forest) left for Florida (thank you Lucy Ray for transporting him safely and dealing with both of his worried "Moms"!) at the end of October 2021 and trainer Larry Poulin quickly had him ground driving and learning other skills. By the time owner Kate Cabot visited in March 2022 Thunder had been hitched and driving for a couple of months. A tribute to his character and breeding- he won't even officially be two years old until April. We are SO proud of him! Thank you Larry Poulin for the careful training you are giving Thunder, and to Kate for your leap of faith in purchasing Thunder in 2020 when he was just a few weeks old. We are so excited for Thunder's future! (photos courtesy of Kate Cabot).

January 11, 2022- A cold afternoon, but with a nice visit by Sherri Larson Farmer, who is a past owner of our Morgan stallion Positively's Pride. She hadn't seen the old man since just after his arrival here in 2018, and she wanted to spend some time with her old friend and his new daughter, Leelee.

December 31, 2021- The horses and I had a fun New Year's Eve visit from Mary Kay Longacre (from Indiana) and her friend Stacey (from Woodstock, GA, last picture). Leelee got a lot of attention, and so did Topaz and Rosie, who Mary Kay knew from when the mares were on lease at mutual friend Char Cook's. Here the ladies are visiting our stallion Positively's Pride (Papi). The horses were all wet from several days of rain, but fortunately we stayed dry over the duration of the visit. Thank you, Mary Kay and Stacey, for stopping by!

November 2021- Two of our Morgans made it into the newly revised edition of The Horse, a college textbook for Equine Science courses! One of the authors, Jessica Peterson, had contacted me back in 2018 about getting good pictures of colorfuls for the color section of the book. The Morgan Horse magazine editor Stephen Kinney had sent her my way, bless you Stephen! I got an email last week that the book was out and today my copy showed up. I had been told that Kennebec Topaz had made the book; imagine my delight to turn the page and see that Positively Charmed (Charli) did as well! And there as the grulla example is Natalie Tanaka's MHB Bacchus Blessing! Yes, three Morgans representing color! In the Morgan breed section who do I see but Chris Holm's Morgan stallion Devine Cool Hand Luke, working cattle with style! Another Morgan, MLB The Ingenue, bred by Laurie Faust, is also in the book shown doing carriage driving. Great representation for our breed! This is the fourth book our Brookridge Morgans have been in representing color and I am so happy for my little breeding program and for being able to get the Morgan out there to be seen in print. If you'd like to order the book, it's available here, on Amazon. It is 620 pages of Everything Horse- breeding, genetics, health and more.

I've had a lot of questions over the years about my slow feed haynets, so when my friend Kristal Homoki asked how to make one, I decided a "how to" web page would be easier than trying to explain the process. I am a visual learner so pictures work best for me, and hopefully for you too. These nets are easy to make, sturdy and keep your good hay off the ground. You can find the "haynet how to" here.

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