Brookridge Morgans began as a childhood dream of mine. Like many young girls, I collected model horses; one of my first was the Breyer black Morgan, a gift from my grandmother. Involvement in the model horse hobby eventually led to the real thing- first with a friend's Morgans, and later with the purchase of the Morgan mare Reminiscing in 1984.

The Brookridge ideal is the Morgan of classic "old type". This curvy, full-bodied, pretty headed, unmistakably Morgan horse is reflected in my artwork and equine sculpture and, hopefully, in the Morgans that I breed. I appreciate the older Morgan bloodlines of all families. My training philosophy uses positive reinforcement, which results in horses with incredibly willing and cheerful attitudes. The Brookridge Morgans live outside, as nature intended,  barefoot and in the company of the herd. 

I am deeply involved with colorful Morgans and enjoy researching and writing about breeding programs and bloodlines related to the various colors present in our breed. My articles currently appear in The Morgan Horse magazine; older articles appeared in Simply Morgan, Classic Morgan Admirers, the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association Newsletter, Just About Horses, and many other equine publications over the years. Many of my articles for The Morgan Horse magazine can be found here (scroll down to the bottom).

I maintain two educational websites about color in the Morgan breed: Morgan Colors and the Silver Dapple Morgans Project. I enjoyed editing the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association newsletter from 1996-2016, and also served as editor of the Georgia Morgan Horse Club newsletter. My other passion is creating eye-catching equine advertising and website design.

My husband Jim built much of our farm himself, including our lovely barn. Our extended family includes the new owners of horses we've owned and/or bred, and our canine companions Nellie and Sophie.

Sit back and relax as you explore our website. I love to take pictures, so there is a lot to look through. Even better, come see our Morgans in person. We welcome your visit, and so will the horses. Give us a call or email today! -Laura Behning


January 17, 2018- After several near misses this winter, Covington finally saw some snow! Sweetie had a great time playing in it- and I had a great time watching her! Sweetie is registered as SUGAR RUSH (Adiel's Snicker Zip x HCTF Lost in a Storm). She is a bay splash/W20, lives up to her "sweet" name and is for sale! Check her out on her web page here.

December 3, 2017- Long time friend and riding student Cassidy Sutherland brought her two year old son Evan out to see Sweetie and the other horses. Sweetie is for sale and you can see many more pictures and videos of her on her web page here. If you are interested in Sweetie, email me at morgans@mindspring.com.

November 6, 2017- My beautiful Patented has gone over the rainbow bridge after a 26 hour battle with a gas colic that would not resolve. The vets suspect something was blocking him (probably a tumor) and the situation was getting progressively worse; he had coliced twice previously in the past two months. With no improvement after more than a day, I made the horrible decision to let him go.

Pat's sire was the legendary Big Bend Doc Davis, the first Morgan in the US to go Grand Prix level dressage. His dam, Reminiscing, was my first Morgan, a multi champion in dressage, Western pleasure, and hunter pleasure, a very kind mare anyone could ride. Pat was also a very kind and laid back horse. When he was a foal I thought he must be sick because he was so quiet! Like his dam he became the mount of choice for visitors to the farm and my riding students... experienced and beginners alike, it made no difference to Pat- he carried them all safely.

After a cecal impaction colic in 2010 and surgery, Pat recovered and continued to be my main riding horse for another 4 years, until EPM ended that in 2014. The following year he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and I knew his time was coming.

I have posted a tribute album for Pat on my Facebook page, which can be viewed here. So many people knew Pat and had ridden him; he was truly an ambassador for the Morgan Horse. Thank you all for sharing your memories of Pat, and for being a part of his life for 27 years.

November 3, 2017- I had sent Sweetie's DNA sample off to Animal Genetics last week, and got a notice from them that they received it Saturday. I figured I'd have results by Monday, Tuesday at the latest; they are always so fast. Well, Tuesday came and went... nothing. The week dragged on... nothing. I sent them a "what's up?" email this AM, thinking maybe they didn't have enough hair, or something (I was pretty sure I'd put the check in the envelope... pretty sure ;-)) FINALLY- this afternoon... here they are! Drum roll! Sweetie is indeed a splash white (heterozygous) and that's not all- she also is W20 (heterozygous)! Woo hoo! Sweetie is for sale; if you are interested in her, email me at morgans@mindspring.com.

October 7, 2017 was the 30th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention, held here at the farm. For those not familiar, the model horse hobby is similar to model railroad or dollhouse miniatures. "Live Shows" (as opposed to shows conducted using photos of the entries, which are called Photo Shows) are fabulous get- togethers where hobbyists can meet friends old and new as well as enjoy looking at absolutely stunning equine three dimensional art.

"SouthCon" was started as a way to introduce model horse hobbyists to the incredible Morgan breed. Rather than being held in a meeting hall as with most model horse shows, SouthCon is held in our barn. This does reduce the number of entrants we can safely accommodate, but it has never affected the quality of the exhibits- and I think this year had the deepest competition yet! Entrants can enjoy interacting with our Morgans, who are just outside, all day. They also are given the opportunity to ride a Morgan. For many, these are the only Morgans they have ever seen, since the breed is comparatively rare here in the southeast.

This year's show drew entrants from Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and even from as far away as Massachusetts! Our guest judge Karen Gerhardt is from Colorado, and she did an excellent job in a quick and efficient manner, a reflection of her many years of experience in the hobby. Karen sculpts for Breyer and we were very lucky to have a judge of her caliber here this year.

Karen had an unfortunate experience while riding many years ago and had not been on a horse since. We convinced her to try Rosie, and after thinking about it awhile and watching the other entrants ride, she decided to go for it. Things went swimmingly and we are honored that it was a Morgan who finally got Karen back in the saddle!

A complete album of pictures from the day's events can be found on my Facebook page here. The album is public, so even if you don't have a Facebook account you should be able to see the pictures. 

September 1, 2017- Last fall, Dr. Phil Sponenberg, author of EQUINE COLOR GENETICS, contacted me about using some of my photos in the fourth edition. I was thrilled! Equine Color Genetics is the oldest authoritative book on horse color, and to be featured in its pages is quite an honor. Today my copy arrived! Ten of my photos are in the book- three of my own Morgans (including Charli, pictured above) and seven of my friends' Morgans from various farm shoots in recent years. Charli's full brother Unconventional (bred/foaled here) also made the book! To see the Morgans pictured in the new ECG, you can visit my album on Facebook here. The album is public, so even if you don't have a Facebook account you should be able to see the pictures. WAY cool for the breed! This is the THIRD major book on equine color that our Morgans have been featured in. To purchase the book- it is pricey, but worth every penny- go here.

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