2006 bay silver colt
(Gone Gold X Foxton Frosty Dawn)

May 2007 videos of Connor at 15 months
(High speed connection only; longer videos may take up to several minutes to load. All are in Real Player format- download Real Player here, it's free)
Connor walking (880 KB)
Connor trotting (1464 KB)
Another of Connor's trot (1055 KB)
Connor cantering and feeling good! (3114 KB)

August 2006 videos of Connor at 6 months old
Connor trotting (2653 KB)
Connor getting a shower (17,483 KB)
Connor getting a quick grooming and feet checked (20,880 KB)

Foaled February 17, 2006, this handsome youngster represents a huge part of my dream to see the silver dapple color be saved in the Morgan breed, where it is very rare- this colt became #13 on a very short list of confirmed silver dapple Morgans!

I was scheduled to present a lecture on foal color at the 2006 AMHA Convention, as part of a seminar on color that our AMHA Director At Large Loretta Brown and I were giving. Loretta kindly offered to present my part of the lecture for me if it should happen that I could not make it. When Frosty went overdue, I just could not leave her. It was a good thing we planned ahead! The folks on the Morgan Colors list thought the colt's name should have "Convention" in it, since he was born during Convention. I said "well for me, he was my UnConvention since I didn't get to go because of him!" Then it hit me- "Unconventional", because he IS- this is just not your everyday color!

"Connor" is a friendly colt who is very smart. His personality is calm and methodical; he seems to think through each new situation carefully. He is personable yet respectful, a trait of his sire. His quiet dignity comes from his dam.  Connor is a beautiful mover, as well. He is such an outstanding individual that we hope will contribute greatly to the future of the silver dapple Morgan.

Connor is tested "Ee" (heterozygous for black), Aa (heterozygous for Agouti), N/N (meaning he did not get his sire's cream gene), and Z/n (heterozygous for silver dapple). Click here for a copy of Connor's UC Davis test results. Like all heterozygous silver dapples, Connor will pass on his silver gene to an average of 50% of his offspring, and he can sire bay silvers (like himself), brown silvers (if the mare contributes a brown Agouti and Connor does not pass his bay Agouti) or black silvers.

The first foal for both of his parents, Connor has some very old breeding on both sides of his pedigree, including the midwestern/Sweet's lines, Archie O, Broadwall Brigadier, many generations of Kennebec breeding (from the respected sport Morgan breeding program of Margaret Gardiner), and such famous Western Working Family stallions as Classy Boy, Californio and H-Ken.

Connor is the first Morgan to be registered as a bay silver dapple under the AMHA's new color choices (2006). In addition, he and his silver dapple dam provided hair samples and photographs for the recent Uppsala University (Sweden) study of the silver dapple gene. This study, which may be seen here, resulted in the silver dapple test now offered by testing facilities such as UC Davis (October 2006).

Connor is now owned by Lyle and Cindy Dietz of Coulee Bend Morgans in Galahad, AB Canada. He has sired quite a few silver foals that have been sold to new homes as far away as Australia. I am excited to see what the future holds for Connor!

Gone Gold

Adiel's Casino Gold Sweet's Dexter
Eden Rose
Kennebec Topaz Medomak Cavalier
Kennebec Opal

Foxton Frosty Dawn

Foxton Society Beau Society Statusmaster
Dores Day
Foxton Smokey Dawn Topside Midnight
Foxton Felicia

You can view Connor's complete pedigree here.
It includes pictures of many of his ancestors.

For more information on the silver dapple gene in our breed,
and to see many pictures of Connor's ancestors and relatives, please visit:

You can also read the article on silver dapple Morgans
in the April 2003 issue of THE MORGAN HORSE magazine.

More photos of Connor
(click on thumbnails to enlarge)
To see lots of foal pictures of Connor, go here.

Our wooly yearling, January 2007. As you can see, Coral is doing a great job of teaching Connor manners. A few weeks after this picture was taken we had to remove Coral from Connor's herd, to prevent an accidental pregnancy.

I guess getting older makes us all a bit sentimental. Here is the first product of our breeding program, Willy Remember Me, foaled in 1986, with the (then) most recent,  Connor. February 2007.

May 2007- Connor's head has an aristocratic, "old world" look to it. It's definitely not a filly head. I love his eyes- they remind me of black button eyes on a stuffed toy :-)

May 2007- Connor got his first bath of the year so I could take his official yearling pictures!

Our "secret weapon" for getting heads and ears up! Though Connor has gotten pretty desensitized to it by now. This is the third time we've used it and I guess I had better find a new "novel object" now! The good thing is that he gets exposed to a lot of different things that many horses would be quite spooked by. Pat and Mimi, who were in the field with Connor, never even lifted their heads out of the grass.

Connor follows me all over the pasture. Typical Morgan- it's hard to get them off of you long enough to get a good shot! What I liked about this picture was that you can see how straight and correct his legs are and how he tracks straight when he moves- no winging or paddling.

Two pictures of Connor's amazing, "uphill" trot. Late July 2007.

Soon my little buddy will be leaving for his new home in Canada. I will sure miss him, but I look forward to watching his career as a breeding stallion develop- and someday, I'll breed a few mares to him. Late July 2007 photo.

I took this picture a few nights before Connor left. He looks so young and innocent- but you can see the stallion that he will become, too. July 31, 2007.

He was coming down a hill here but even so, he is a beautiful mover.

I'm glad to see him frolicking while he can, because for four or five days he'll be stuffed in a trailer!

Connor's shipping day has finally arrived. He and our dog Stormy play regularly, each on their respective sides of the fence. Only they know what they were talking about here.

Connor sees the huge trailer approaching. When the time came to leave, he willingly loaded although he had never been out on our road before nor on a trailer. He was very scared, but he quietly did exactly as he was asked. I felt bad for putting him into what from his point of view must have seemed like a big dark box on wheels. Like his grand-dam Kennebec Topaz when she came down from Maine as a yearling, he will be riding alone for the first part of trip. Quite a lot for a youngster to handle. I cried for a good long time after he left; you'd think I'd get used to this. I told a friend I hope I never stop the crying when they leave part, because I don't want to "get used to it"- they are all so special to me and I put so much care into the creation and upbringing of each and every one of them. And that caring doesn't go away just because they aren't my horses any more. I will sure miss him. August 2, 2007.

Connor is now a Canadian! Here he is stretching his legs  on his first day at Lyle and Cindy Dietz's Coulee Bend Morgans in Galahad, AB.  Thank you Cindy for the pictures!

September 2007: Connor gets a pasture mate, another 2006 colt named Coulee Bend Law and Order (Arboria Top Gun X Promise Me an Echo). The two boys immediately acted like long lost buddies and were soon out to pasture grazing happily together.

March 2008: Cindy sent me a BUNCH of great pictures of Connor enjoying the Alberta snow. He's now officially 2, and the plans are to breed him to a few mares this year as well as get him evaluated for semen transport. I am so excited to see his first foals in 2009!

June 2008.

September 2008. Isn't he beautiful?

Connor is growing up! The Dietzs sent Connor off for a brief intro to saddle work late last month and he is now back home until spring when he'll pick up where he left off. He learned to be lunged, carry a saddle and was sat on a few times. We couldn't be more proud of how he is maturing. As always, thanks to Cindy and Lyle of Coulee Bend Morgans in Galahad, Alberta for their regular updates and beautiful pictures! We are excited to see Connor's first foal next year and have plans in the works of our own to a similar end.

Connor under saddle, May 2009. Riding Connor is Cindy's friend Trish Klein. Trish owned Connor's maternal great-grandfather, Society Statusmaster, and stands two sons of his as well, and as Cindy said "so it was kinda neat for her to ride him. She said Connor is so smooth and she could ride his lope forever!!" I just love getting reports about "my" kids and I am so grateful that Connor landed in such a SUPER home! Thank you Cindy for the regular updates and pictures!

January, 2014- Meanwhile, in Canada... while the rest of us were frozen by the artic vortex... those hearty Canucks just get out and ride! What a good boy Connor is- Cindy says he thoroughly enjoys the snow!


Above is Connor's first foal, Coulee Bend Orion, shortly after his arrival at his new home at Sterling Morgans in CO, December 2009. This pretty boy is chestnut with a hidden silver gene (the silver dilution only affects black base color horses). He will become an integral part of the silver breeding program at Sterling Morgans. A few days after Orion's arrival, the colorful Morgan community was saddened by Linda's loss of her young black silver stallion, Zeulner's Silver Legacy, to a twisted intestine from colic. Our hearts go out to you, Linda. Orion has some very big shoes to fill.

Coulee Bend The Patriot (left), a 2010 bay silver colt, sadly passed away before being weaned. Coulee Bend Pure Silver (right), with his dam Dody Little Bell SRDA, is a chestnut (carrying silver) colt who now lives in Alaska.

Coulee Bend Quasar is a palomino carrying silver filly, foaled in 2011 out of Dody Little Bell SRDA. She was sold as a weanling and will become the first silver Morgan in Australia!

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